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Art Deco is an art style that had a major influence on various types of design between the 1920s and 1940s. From architecture to industrial design, from fashion to the visual arts, the Art Deco art style was unmistakable. Art Deco is best described as an amalgamation of all art forms that were already present before the Art Deco era. Because there were influences from all sides, Art Deco Art is not always easy to categorize. Yet there are distinctive features.

Features of Art Deco Art

One of the most striking features is the use of technology, in addition to the more traditional methods of art making. There are also many geometric shapes to discover. In addition, the strong colors splashing off the canvas stand out, as well as the many decorative elements. Art Deco is a rich art form with many recognizable images, which can sometimes come across as a bit surreal and hold your attention.

Different artists

Tamara de Lempicka is an Art Deco artist. Her paintings, for example, are detailed, lively portraits that give an impression of 'the roaring twenties' of the last century. Famous painters of the Art Deco period were Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Raoul Dufy and Joan Miró. There is therefore also an overlap with Art Deco among these artists. The influences of Art Deco can also be seen in later artists such as Edward Hopper who paints scenes with bright colors and many contrasts. Elements of Art Deco can also be found in Pop Art. This is clearly visible in the use of color, the often abstract forms and the intriguing, alienating effect of the paintings.