Jimi Hendrix Posters

Experience The Experience of Jimi Hendrix Posters

Do you regularly listen to music by legendary guitar hero Jimi Hendrix? And do you have a wall that could use some color? Then you can bring a little bit of the sixties atmosphere into your room, simply by hanging one of those beautiful Jimi Hendrix Posters.

Jimi Hendrix Posters takes you back to the sixties

A Jimi Hendrix poster on your wall takes The Experience from listening to the king of the electric guitar to even higher realms; like a Purple Haze descending around you. Listening to the virtuoso guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix you look at such a beautiful poster and you imagine yourself back in the time of love and peace and the legendary Woodstock festival. You can choose from different images, all of which evoke the atmosphere of the turbulent sixties.

With poster strips, Jimi Hendrix Posters are hung easily and without creases

Have you made a choice for your favorite poster of Jimi Hendrix? Then you also want it to hang nicely and tightly on the wall. This is very easy with the handy poster strips. This hanging system consists of two strips that you slide at the top and bottom of the poster. The weight of the bottom strip keeps the poster nice and tight, so there are no wrinkles. The poster strips come in different colors and designs; so you will definitely find one that matches your interior. If you use our poster strips, Jimi will brighten up your room as a Little Wing for years to come.