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Aluminum photo frame: Put your photo in a high-quality and timeless frame

Aluminum photo frames are characterized by their strong character and are therefore suitable for all images and photos. Thanks to their high-quality finish and stable metal frame, they are very robust. Your photos and documents are therefore optimally and permanently protected. Even large aluminum picture frames are characterized by narrow unobtrusive strips without loss of functionality or lightness. An additional advantage: even if photos are exchanged several times, an aluminum frame remains stable for years. You want to use the photo frame as an advertising medium and have to change the photo very often? Then we recommend our comfortable aluminum frames: The profile strips can easily be folded to the side. An Aluminum photo frame can withstand very dry or humid living conditions for a long time and are therefore also perfectly suitable for more demanding conditions such as kitchens, garages, cellars, verandas, hunting lodges, holiday apartments or garden sheds.

Find the perfect aluminum photo frames for your photo

In our online shop we also offer aluminum photo frames A4 and photo frames A1 and many intermediate formats. You can choose between aluminum profiles of different widths. Many photos don't get their full effect until you use a suitable mount to set the scene. If you choose to frame your photo, you can choose from more than 8 different passe-partout colors. The color you choose should depend on your photo. You can basically do nothing wrong with a classic aluminum photo frame in the neutral colors of black or silver, but even a matte gray color looks very modern. If you want a very eye-catching aluminum photo frame, you should opt for a gold-colored frame. View all types of aluminum photo frames at and make your choice.