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Our golden photo frame

Are you looking for a nice photo frame as a gift for a friend or family member? Or maybe you want to make your own photos even more beautiful and give your interior or office something extra. A golden photo frame is the solution in many situations, especially if you opt for the quality of Possibly a golden picture frame reminds you of the royal castle or palace. The color gold can also be found in the Baroque style and reflects a majestic atmosphere. Gold immediately attracts attention upon entering. Therefore, turn your photos or poster into a real eye-catcher in your beautiful home. Picture frames are often seen as kitschy, but the opposite is true. Especially if you want to make your interior trendy, chic and modern, a photo frame in gold color is indispensable. Whether you want to give the entrance of your home a luxurious look or want to make your otherwise austere office at work a bit more lively, a photo frame in gold color is the solution. Gold photo frames can be used anywhere: on a photo shelf in your living room, on a table in the hall or even on the floor in a corner of the room. 

Different sizes of photo frames available at

When looking for a beautiful photo frame, it is of course not only important that you find a beautiful model. Size is also an essential factor. can rightly call itself a specialist in the field of photo frames and that is why our photo frames are available in different sizes: from small photo frames of 25x35cm to larger photo frames of 50x50cm, 40x80cm and 70x70cm. That way you will undoubtedly find the best solution for your space based on the available space, your expectations in terms of look and feel, and so on. For example, for photos with one person, a smaller model is useful. Are you in the picture with a partner, friend or family member? Then choose one of the larger photo frames. The result is that you make your photo or poster even more beautiful and that of course provides an extra cozy interior!

Unique design photo frames for your home or office

The color gold is certainly a matter of taste, not everyone likes it or is used to having it around. Do you dare to break this habit and be surprised how beautiful this style can turn out. Gold works wonders, especially with a calmer interior in combination with light pastels. Beautiful accents are set in combination with elegance. The luxurious feeling is stimulated by the shiny accents, gold is chic and a style that fits almost any interior. There are plenty of gold-colored photo frames and at you will find many different options in terms of design. We always have the perfect fit for your images and posters. Within our range we have various sizes and designs so that there is something beautiful for every taste. From small photo frames with a fine design and a thin edge to more striking models with a wide edge and grooves, everything is possible. Most of our golden photo frames are made of aluminum, a light material that lasts a long time. We mainly use acrylic glass for the front of the frame, because it is less likely to break. However, whichever model you choose, you can always be sure of good quality and durability. This means you are not only sure that you get value for money, but you can also enjoy your new gold photo frames for a long time.

Think out of the box

Anyone can frame paper, but have you ever thought about framing dried flowers or your child's first romper? It looks beautiful in your home and is a unique way to keep memories. There are even more nice things to frame, perhaps in one of the beautiful golden frames from In addition, it is fun and cozy to get creative with the family. Think about what you can frame together and look for inspiration. Your children feel involved and enjoy creating beautiful things together. Do you need inspiration, specific questions or special wishes? Don't be afraid to approach our expert customer service team. We are of course happy to help you in your search for the ideal photo frame for your memories.

Finish your interior with appropriate and nice wallpaper

In short, photo frames are an important part of your interior, especially if you want to make the rooms more cozy and personal. Of course you should not forget other things, such as the wallpaper in your living room, hall and other rooms. At you will find a wide range of different types of wall murals that ensure that your new golden photo frames are even better reflected in your home or office. nice wallpaper is a real atmosphere maker, both in private homes and commercial spaces. Gold-colored photo frames, in combination with the right color and design wallpaper, form a unique duo that will immediately lift the look of your interior to a higher level. Do you want to give your interior a new look? Discover the many photo frames in gold color and the different types of wallpaper at!