Photo Frames White

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White photo frames provide timeless flair

White photo frames are absolutely timeless. The color white can be combined with any other color. While white frames on white walls seem rather reserved, picture frames in white can also be hung on colored walls. Then the frame stands out clearly and forms a nice, strong contrast. White photo frames are suitable for both black and white photos and colored photos, as well as charts and drawings. Incidentally, a photo frame in white is excellent for personalisation. It is possible to paint, glue and edit a photo frame in white without any color showing through. The white list can thus become a work of art, just like the work of art you want to show in it.

Protect your photos with white photo frames

The 30x30 cm frame has another important function. It can protect your favorite photo from outside influences. The stable frame construction gives dirt and moisture no chance. Of course you can attach the photos to a bulletin board. Which, by the way, many people do. Over time, however, you can expect the photos to lose their beautiful charm. Folded corners or a crease are not uncommon. The use of a photo frame is all the more recommended. View our beautiful collection of photo frames in white here.

Photo frames: white and other colors

We offer white photo frames in various standard sizes, such as the popular 15x20 cm format. The white frames are of good quality and can be delivered to the buyer within a few days. If you want to vary styles or combine white with other colors in photo frames, you will also find frames in other colors and materials. We also offer frameless photo frames and passe-partouts. The latter can be coordinated with the picture frames in white - for a beautiful wall design!