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Wooden photo frame

Are you a fan of a natural look in your interior? Then focus on wood! Perhaps you prefer a rural, Scandinavian or Bohemian style. What is certain is that wood is versatile and timeless. This idyllic element can be found in almost every interior.

Even in the coldest rooms, this material gives a warm appearance. That is why wood is so popular, but not only wooden furniture provides this homely feeling, you can also play with wooden decorations. We offer the ideal solution for this.

Because your precious memories obviously deserve a beautiful place in your home! A bare wall often gives the feeling that someone has forgotten to add something. The walls also offer the opportunity to tell a story and create a cozy atmosphere in the home.

It is possible to fill this empty space by using holiday or family photos, individual posters and other motifs that appeal to you. There are various ways to present your motifs on the wall, but our photo frames undoubtedly offer the best answer. You can get our eye-catchers for a reasonable price.

Enough choice within the wide range of wooden photo frames

Within our range we offer various wooden photo frames to bring a warm feeling into your home. They are available in a wide variety of sizes; large, medium or small frames, even with a special finish and so on. Besides that, you can choose which wooden frame you like; Do you prefer a wide or a narrow edge?

Various options are possible to decorate the walls. To ensure that everyone can find something beautiful among the wide range, we also offer our wooden photo frames in different colors. In addition to neutral tones such as black and white, it is possible to choose from dark or light wood and combinations with gold decorations. Very bright colors are also available in our webshop. This creates a unique twist on the wall.

There are endless possibilities to represent your photos, posters and/or works of art in a fun way. After all, it would be a shame if these were left in a cupboard or drawer and no one got to see them. In addition, photo frames offer ideal protection against dirt, dust and damage so that you can enjoy your motifs for as long as possible.

We only supply custom work that will last for years, so you are guaranteed to be happy with our products. The range is endlessly varied, visit our webshop. Of course, don't forget to also look through the other product categories if there are any; posters, photo wallpaper and passe-partouts.

Popular products

The black wooden photo frames are extremely popular to hang on the wall. In this way, the framed motifs are shown to their best advantage. But you can also ensure that attention is drawn directly to the framed object with the help of a matching passe-partout. These are also available in multiple colors and sizes so that they fit as many tastes as possible.

View the options in our online shop and be convinced of our products. Did you know that the photo frames in our range are not only made of wood? The online shop even offers aluminum and plastic frames in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes. So there is something for everyone to enjoy. Almost all products are available from stock so you never have to wait long for your order!

A wooden photo frame; not only for yourself but also for others

Do you happen to know someone who has a birthday soon or is there another special occasion coming up for which you need to arrange a gift? In some cases this turns out to be quite complicated and people cannot come up with anything. Often a classic bouquet of flowers, a good book or even a voucher is not the ideal option. Yourdecoration.com offers the solution for those who are looking for a unique and personal gift!

A wooden frame with a beautiful photo of the two of you, a close circle of friends or a team of colleagues and all the other compositions you can quickly think of. A large photo frame can also be used in many different ways, for example for a nice collage. You can also choose your favorite color to show how well you know the other person. A wonderful way to say how much you care about someone! Who will you surprise with this beautiful gift?

Your wooden photo frame is immediately ready for use; Frame it, hang it and you're done

The wooden photo frames have metal clamps on the back so that you can easily open the frame to change the motif. Moreover, you can mount the frame to the hanging eye and all you need is a screw and some tools. So hanging it is really a child's play. The durable material means that the frames will last for centuries.

The anti-reflex plastic glass is UV-resistant so you can enjoy your photos and posters on the wall for as long as possible. This makes our wall decorations safe for households with small children and/or pets. For non-binding advice, tips, suggestions and questions, please contact our customer service. Our range offers endless possibilities, be convinced and place an order.