Friends Posters

Were you always ready for a new episode of Friends?

Millions of people followed the adventures of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey every week. The American sitcom about a group of friends from New York has kept many people glued to the tube since 1994. The lives of the six twenty-somethings had ups and downs, but there was a lot to laugh about the crazy situations in which the main characters managed to end up. When the last episode was broadcast in 2004, many people shed a tear. Do you also have such fond memories of this television series? has the best Friends posters. Now you can always relive those happy moments!

What is your favorite episode?

It is of course difficult to choose from no less than ten seasons with a total of 236 episodes, but you probably have a favorite episode. How about 'The one with the football', the annual Thanksgiving episode, where a game of football degenerates into a real battle between Monica and Ross? And did you laugh like that during 'The one where everybody finds out', the episode in which it becomes clear that Monica and Chandler have a relationship? Or do you choose 'The last one', the emotional last episode, after which we had to say goodbye to our friends?

Bring your friends home now

With Friends posters you bring your friends, with whom you have experienced so many beautiful moments, into your home. Curtains closed, door locked, phone off and DVD player on. Enjoy a wonderful evening of Friends binge-watching, while occasionally taking a look at your beautiful poster. Also take a look at the other movie posters on There are many other nice posters that deserve a place on your wall.