Passe Partouts 18x24 cm

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A precious photo gives you a special place in your home with a photo frame and 18x24 cm passe-partout

Whether it's your wedding, a (far) trip or the birth of your children or nieces and nephews, in all cases these special moments deserve a special place in your home. A passe-partout from can offer a lot of added value for this. This allows a photo to come into its own, as a cardboard passe-partout fills the space between an image and the outer frame. Via you can choose from various passe-partouts, including passe-partouts 18x24 cm.

Create a more depth effect by framing your photo in a passe-partout 18x24 cm

Did you know that a passe-partout can immediately provide more depth effect? For this, the inner edges of the cardboard are often cut diagonally inwards. The corners of a passe-partout are also often mitred for a luxurious result. offers a diverse range of passe-partouts 18x24 cm in different colors. Which color do you prefer to use in your interior?

Take advantage of various advantages if you opt for a passe-partout

A passe-partout offers you several advantages. For example, the cut-out cardboard creates an optical effect that immediately makes a work of art or photo stand out better. A passe-partout also provides protection, making the framed image more resistant to damage. Ideal if you would like to display a valuable image in a photo frame, such as a diploma, painting or marriage certificate.