Wall Mural 400x280cm

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Create the perfect atmosphere with a photo wallpaper 400x280cm

Do you want to give one or more rooms a different look? Then a wall mural 400x280 cm is the ideal means. In many cases this takes up the entire wall and you get a very special atmosphere. It's like having one big window with a view of the surroundings.

For example, consider a photo wallpaper with a lake in the bedroom. It's like waking up every day on the banks of a beautiful pond. A wall mural forest also has the same effect. Of course there are countless possibilities and styles, and this for every room.

For example, do you opt for a non-woven wallpaper for the children's room? You may find their favorite comic book heroes, their favorite colors or prints in our extensive range. Or do you want a large wall with photo wallpaper of a well-known skyline or a rather calm black and white photo in your office space? Everything is possible!

The wallpaper is easy to apply

A large wall poster such as a photo wallpaper 400x280cm is divided into a number of lanes. This way you can easily apply the wallpaper. Your room has completely changed in style in a very short time.

Think, for example, of a fairly sober wallpaper that you now replace with a retro wallpaper. In addition to the wall mural, you only need a few pieces of furniture and accessories to imagine yourself in a completely different time. Non-woven wallpaper is guaranteed to be a handy way to give your home a makeover.

Do you have any questions about a photo wallpaper? Please don't hesitate to contact our customer service. Once you have made your choice, ordering online is very easy. You can find the suitable themes and sizes via the filters. After ordering you will receive your wallpaper quickly at home.