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New Anime Style Editions

The manga series My Hero Academia releases an anime-style poster, true to its presentation style. The exploding and concentrated power of all the characters in the plot is shown on a poster. The almighty Heroics Teacher is enthroned at the very top center.

Naturally, he tamed the Class 1-A with the students Seat No. 1 to chair no. 20. The colorful, eye-catching design can be presented in the best possible way thanks to the high quality of our reproduction. The Star Wars were also reissued in anime style in collaboration with Walt Disney. The Japanese characters make the reproductions even more authentic and underline the Anime style.

The good fights against the bad

Also in the new edition of the cult film by George Lucas, good fights against bad. In accordance with the anime style, the contours were emphasized. The characters have the typical facial features. Especially the eye and mouth areas are emphasized. The faces are designed according to the children's scheme, so that they appeal to our primal instincts, because we just think they are cute. At the same time, the characters have supernatural powers. This is what makes the resulting actions so exciting. The design also creates a symbolism between the Far Eastern role models in the design and the American heroes in the plot.

In different formats

Our high-quality art prints and posters in various sizes fill smaller and larger wall surfaces and bring out your preference for anime. The colors of the posters are striking and give a nice look. With a suitable passe-partout and a poster frame, you can turn your home or office into a cinema screen. Make your stars come out big and get more inspiration from our Anime poster range!