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The Origin of Graffiti

Scratched drawings is the meaning of it ie I am talking about graffiti. An art form that dates back centuries like the Romans of classical antiquity and even the Vikings graffitied the walls as early as the 12th century.

At first it was not immediately seen as real art, but the more the expression evolved, the more it was seen as a real artistic expression. Graffiti makers, for example, also get inspiration from all kinds of media.

Make your room even more cool with graffiti photo wallpaper

There are countless different types of Graffiti. You can distinguish them by their shape and the purpose behind them. For example, doodling is better known as simple scribbles often on school desks and notebooks. Because we know the most are the tags, which are subcultural nicknames or symbols and these are written creatively and stylishly. And there are many more forms.

At Yourdecoration.com you can find the classic graffiti form such as tags as photo wallpaper. Our wall murals are a real showstopper for your home. For example, it's a great idea to brighten up your child's bedroom. Because of the bright colors and cool designs. We have graffiti wallpaper with the themes of spider-man, football or, for example, music.

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