Passe Partouts 50x60 cm

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Passe-partouts 50x60 cm

Suppose you have a beautiful photo that you would like to place in your favorite photo frame, but the photo is unfortunately too small. Fortunately, you can solve this with a passe-partout. A passe-partout is placed to better express a painting or photo, but it also has many other advantages.

Let colors shine with Passe-partouts

Our Passe-partouts 50x60 cm will perfectly frame your photos or paintings. Choose an appropriate color that welcomes the tones from the painting into the room. Suppose you have a lot of blue details in your room. The photo you want to frame does have some blue, but this is hardly noticeable. However, with a blue 50x60 cm passe-partout your photo will immediately become established in your interior!

Passe-partout can eliminate details

Suppose you have a beautiful painting, but a stain has appeared on the edge or you have printed a photo, but the photographer's finger is just visible. A passe-partout can eliminate these annoying details by overlapping them, leaving only a perfect wall decoration. Passe-partouts 50x60 cm are also perfect to bring some peace to the tent. When you want to hang a picture that has a lot of details, it can come across as quite busy, so that the essence is lost. A passe-partout offers the solution. The passe-partout increases the distance between the photo and the photo frame, creating more peace and balance