Poster Hangers 90 cm

90 cm poster hangers for hanging your poster

After much deliberation, you have finally made a decision which poster fits best in your new interior. Now it is important to invest in a good hanging system. There are several options for effectively hanging a poster on your recently wallpapered or painted wall. For example, 90cm poster hangers are a good option and are very efficient to attach your poster to your wall as quickly as possible. We have an extensive range of poster hangers and can help you find the right hanging system.

Hang up the poster with poster hangers

If you want to hang your poster with a handy and beautiful system, then a poster hanger is a very good option. In just a few seconds you have attached both strips to the poster and you can hang the hangers on the wall. The 90cm poster hangers from are available in three different colors: white, transparent and black. Using a poster hanger ensures that you do not damage your poster and makes it incredibly convenient to hang your poster in the right way! A poster strip 90cm is suitable for posters of 90cm, but you have also come to the right place for smaller or larger posters.

How does hanging a 90cm poster hanger work?

Hanging a poster hanger is very easy and really happened in no time. You slide the bottom and top of the poster into the strips and then you can hang the poster. It is also possible to shorten the poster hangers, if your poster is slightly smaller than 90 cm. Because the lower poster strip is somewhat heavier, this will ensure that the poster always hangs straight.