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Welcome to the world of Manga! Manga comes from a Japanese term which consists of two characters literally mean this cartoon and picture. We know this more under the name of comic strip. With the popularity of manga that has risen very quickly in recent years, a purchase of Manga Posters is definitely not to be missed. These are nice as decoration, gift, collection ...

The Great Wave off Kanagawa and manga

You may be familiar with the works of Hokusai, a Japanese artist who was active in the early part of the 19th century. One of his most famous works is Beneath the Great Wave off the coast of Kanagawa where a giant wave can be seen with Mount Fuji in the background. Did you know that the term manga is borrowed from one of Hokusai's other works? Contrary to the expectations of some, manga has a very rich history. If you are interested in Asian art, you can always take a look at our selection here.

From Dragon Ball to Fairytale

Some examples of well-known manga works are Dragon Ball, Death Note, Attack on Titan, but it certainly doesn't end there. It consists of different genres and is not only limited to the limited target groups of boys and children. This form of entertainment is also very popular with girls and adults. You will find something for everyone here. What are you waiting for? Discover our range of Manga Posters quickly!