Passe Partouts 70x90 cm

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At you can order high-quality mats 70x90 cm

The Passe-partouts 70x90 cm from are made of high-quality cardboard, which makes every work of art or photo more beautiful. The border fills the space between works and between frames. You place the passe-partout on or around the image you want to frame and ensure that the artwork or photo is well protected to prevent possible damage. The 70x90 cm Passe-partouts style has different colors to make the image you want to compose stand out more.

Protect part of a photo or work of art with passe-partout

In addition to filling the space between the frame and the image, a passe-partout can also be used as protection for images or photos. Think of an angle that just doesn't come across as nicely in the frame. Do you want to show several works in the same frame? Even then a passe-partout is a good solution. This way you can easily present multiple watercolors in the same frame without the work touching the glass.

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Are you curious about all models of 70x90 cm? View the current collection online and order your favorite colors easily and quickly online. Regardless of the image you like to frame, there are colors to match your image due to different types of variants. For questions or for more information, our helpful customer service will be happy to help you.