Passe Partouts 42x60 cm

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A 42x60cm passe partout

To immediately lift an image to a higher level, a passe-partout can offer a great solution. This is one of the signature details of a luxury surround. A passe-partout used to be made of wood, canvas or fabric, but today it's available in cardboard.

A passe-partout from the versatile range of makes a major contribution to optically enlarging the formats of the image. The attention is also better drawn to the image, so that you can immediately increase the value of the image that you would like to frame. For example, choose the passe-partouts 42x60 cm from our versatile collection.

Provide extra protection with passe-partouts 42x60 cm

Passe-partouts with a size of 42x60 cm provide extra protection. For example, the image you would like to frame is better protected against moisture, light and dust and contact with the glass front of the frame is always avoided. A 42x60 cm passe-partout is available at in different colors. A passe-partout ensures that both the photo frame and the image are exposed. This is in contrast to some frames that cast a shadow on the edges or compress or hide a photo. The passe-partouts from the range are made of high-quality cardboard and therefore still look just as beautiful after prolonged use. Ideal for use in your exchange frames, for example.