Wall Mural 100x280cm

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Wall murals always have a significant impact on the atmosphere in the house, because walls are often a significant presence in various rooms! So whether you opt for colorful and floral stylish and chic or a completely different style: with the range of photo wallpaper with a size of 100 by 280 centimeters you can go in many directions on Yourdecoration.com and choose what you want in your home. or office want to radiate. For the children's room, but also for your own bedroom or living room or the workspace. Such photo wallpaper determines the atmosphere and ensures the right mood.

Think of a themed wallpaper

There are quite a few categories that can adorn the photo wallpaper 100x280cm. For example, consider various themes such as Disney wallpaper, which offers multiple and cheerful possibilities. Or graceful flowers, recognizable cities. Playful animals and spectacular nature. In this way you determine the atmosphere of the room to be wallpapered all by yourself. The wallpaper has a major influence on this and it is therefore good to think about it carefully.

Cheerfulness or just the peace

Especially colors do a lot for the atmosphere. Are you looking for the adventure of the forest from The Jungle Book with many green shades? Or the light savanna colors from The Lion King? Graceful, colorful flowers? Or just the other side: the tranquility of a solid color. With photo wallpaper 100x280cm you can go in various directions. The wallpaper is a real eye-catcher and easy to apply to the walls.