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Have you looked at our square 50 x50 cm photo frames

The square photo frames from are available in many different sizes from 20x20 cm to photo frames of 70x70 cm. Of course there are other formats such as photo frames 50x50cm. Like our other photo frames, they are made of wood, aluminum, plastic or MDF.

Wooden frames, for example, are ideal for a natural and rural interior. For a cold, industrial atmosphere, choose a silver frame made of aluminum. If you are looking for full-colour frames, plastic may be a stylish option. For example, there is a square photo frame for every occasion. Check out our online store and convince yourself of our high-quality photo frames.

Square photo frames 50x50 cm are a must

If you want your interior to have a personal touch, there has to be somewhere for framed photos. Having square picture frames in your home is a must, no matter what interior you have.

Maybe you are a big fan of abstract art and want to decorate every room of the house with different works of art in square photo frames 50x50cm. That way, you can choose to scatter them individually throughout the house, hang them in themed sets of two or three, or place them all in one place in a "patchwork" pattern.

Photo frames not just for works of art

You may like having paintings at home, but the square 50x50cm photo frames are also perfect for photos. With this you give your precious memories a nice place in the house, to be able to cherish them.

Black photo frames of this size are ideal for framing beautiful black and white photos of family members. Always order a custom passe-partout. In this way the photo comes into its own even better, because the attention is directed to the motif. At everyone will find the photo frame they are looking for; For example, a picture frame is black, white or silver for little money.

And because you can frame any photo, painting or drawing with it, buying a picture frame and framing a personalized photo, poster or artwork is also a perfect gift. View the matching range of 50x50cm passe-partouts here.

Within our wide range we have the most diverse frames

Whatever you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Due to the different materials, the frames fit into any interior. By varying the colors you can create a playful look and implement it consistently. Our frames are cheap, so it is possible to order several frames at once. In addition, they are easy to assemble, so that you can create a beautiful decor in no time.

Fortunately, because we deliver everything from stock, you never have to wait long before the order is delivered to you. Do not wait any longer and view the wide range via Do you have questions, suggestions or comments? Please feel free to contact our customer service. Send us an email or call our hotline and we will be happy to help. We will do our best to find a solution together.