Passe Partouts 20x20 cm

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Enjoy an optical effect and choose a passe-partout 

Have you ever thought about adding a passe-partout to a framed picture? Or do you have a beautiful image that you want to frame, but you can't find the right size photo frame and are therefore looking for a passe-partout? In both cases, a passe-partout from provides a nice optical effect, making a painting or photo more eye-catching. The passe-partouts 20x20 cm also offer extra protection against possible damage and you can be sure that the image you frame will last longer.

The image is reinforced by a 20x20 cm passe-partout 

In addition to the above advantages, a passe-partout from also ensures that the image is immediately reinforced. In addition, distortion cannot occur because a poster, artwork or photo cannot come into direct contact with the glass plate of the photo frame. Each passe-partout from the collection is made of high-quality cardboard and cannot affect the image you frame.

Passe-partouts 20x20 cm are available in various colours

A 20x20cm passe-partout is often available in black and white, but did you know that today there are also other possibilities in terms of the color of the cardboard? View all colors online and order your favorite passe-partout quickly and easily. Immediately lift the atmosphere of each image to a higher level and choose one of the passe-partouts with a size of 20x20 cm.