Passe Partouts 30x50 cm

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Choose passe-partout 30x50cm from the versatile range of

Passe-partouts 30x50 cm assure you of various benefits. For example, the artwork is immediately reinforced with the help of a passe-partout from the versatile range of This ensures that distortion cannot occur and a work of art can never come into contact with the glass part of the photo frame 30x50cm. Very handy, because this way you can be sure that a watercolor or charcoal drawing will always remain in the best condition. And that's what it's all about in the end, isn't it?

30x50cm passe-partout for a better optical effect

Adding a passe-partout to a framed work of art offers great added value, whatever the type of work. For example, you may have a beautiful photo frame with a work of art, but the work of art is not completely full screen. A passe-partout from is the perfect solution for this. You immediately provide a better optical effect and your artwork is more eye-catching. The passe-partouts from the beautiful range of can also ensure that a work of art is optimally protected against damage.

Passe-partouts are available in many colors

All passe-partouts are made of the best cardboard. In the field of stylish passe-partouts 30x50 cm there is also a wide range of colors. This way you can always be sure that there are more than enough options for every work of art.