Oak Photo Frames

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Extensive collection of oak photo frames

Our high-quality oak photo frames made from MDF can easily be opened from the back, so you can easily place your poster or photo. They have a smooth, slim profile and lie flush against the wall.

Oak photo frames can be elegantly combined with our other wood-colored photo frames on your photo wall. You will find our frames in our photo and poster sizes, such as 13x18, 21x30, 30x40, 40x50, 50x50, 50x70, 61x91 and 70x100 cm. We also offer three stylish frames in sizes A5, A4 and A3, with which you can complete your motif with a charming transparent effect.

The frames are made of MDF and are available in different oak nuances. The glass of the photo frames is made of plastic anti-reflex plexiglass. This gives your framed photo, art print or poster extra protection against UV radiation and discoloration.

When do you choose an oak photo frame?

The oak photo frames can be perfectly combined with our various art posters. Posters with nature pictures in particular look great in our oak photo frames and provide a truly natural atmosphere.

An oak photo frame can also be stylishly combined with other wooden accessories or other natural materials in your living room. Wood has the ability to give a room more warmth and personality. So decorate the wall with a stylish oak photo frame and one of our posters.

Click here for design inspiration and tips on how to combine our posters and photo frames into photo walls that fit perfectly with the rest of the home. The oak photo frames can be perfectly combined with our frames in other colors such as a black photo frame, white photo frame or even a gold photo frame.

Your custom oak photo frame!

We offer a wide range of oak photo frames that are available in different sizes and finishes. Our frames are made from high-quality MDF wood and are carefully finished to provide a stylish and durable look that will perfectly match your photos and the interior of your home.

Our frames are crafted with great attention to detail, providing the perfect finish for your photos. Whether you have a portrait, landscape or work of art, we ensure that your photo looks optimal.

You can easily order a custom oak photo frame from us. Our experts are ready to help you select the perfect frame for your photos. We ensure that each frame is custom made and fits perfectly to the dimensions of your photos.

With our oak photo frames you get a unique piece that compliments your photos and adds a personal touch to your interior. Order your own custom oak photo frame today and complete your interior!