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You can order photo frames of 30x40cm via

Are you a fan of an industrial living room or do you prefer a natural and rural atmosphere at home? In the wide range of you will always find something that suits your style. Whether you are looking for an aluminum photo frame 40x30 cm or a custom wall mural with a beach or floral motif? You have come to the right place for all types of wall decorations! We offer a wide range of photo frames for every room in the house or office!

Perhaps you have already thought about which place in the house should be provided with beautiful photo frames. For example for family photos or works of art, but do you choose the living room or the bedroom? We also offer high-quality frames for the children's room, landing or any other desired space. And that for a low price. For example, have you found a nice poster in the collection, or do you have a poster at home that you would like to frame? In both cases, it is wise to view our range of photo frames 30x40cm on this page. You can choose from different designs of aluminum, wood, plastic and MDF. For example, there is a suitable frame for every interior style to make the walls come to life.

Photo frames 30x40cm in different colors

Our varied collection consists of photo frames in different colors. Think of photo frames in beige, beech, black, white, bronze and gold. For example, you can always order a suitable photo frame for your interior via The photo frames are delivered directly from stock and you can therefore expect them to be delivered quickly. Which is nice, because the posters with photo frames must of course blend seamlessly into your interior. What kind of design do you prefer?

Do you have a poster or image of a different size, but would you still like to use a large frame to show off your motif? Then choose a matching 30x40cm passe-partout and focus on your favorite motifs such as animal posters, beloved holiday photos or diplomas obtained. These will never go unnoticed from now on. Almost all our products are available in different colors, sizes and materials. So there is something suitable for every taste. Naturally, products are also very suitable for gift giving to a loved one. That one beautiful moment, framed in a beautiful frame of 30x40cm! Our photo frames can be used both horizontally and vertically. View the wide range in our online shop and place your order.

Easy assembly with a beautiful result

The photo frames from are easy to open due to the robust metal clamps on the back. This way you can easily change the motif and you benefit from optimal protection of your images or posters. Moreover, the frames are easy to assemble so that you can enjoy your new wall decorations as quickly as possible.
For a playful effect, you can of course also lean the frame against the wall or place several 40x30 cm frames on the wall as a collage. In that case it is also nice to vary with various sizes or colors. Use colorful passe-partouts in combination with classic black and white photos. Or you can choose a neutral frame together with colorful motifs and images. It just depends on your preference. Our customer service team will of course be happy to assist you with a no-obligation advice.

Combine your favorite photo frame 30x40 with one of our posters

Have you made a choice for one of our photo frames 30x40cm? Take a look at our collection of posters and complete your order online. Immediately give more atmosphere to the nursery, study, living room or kitchen and choose, for example, nature posters, educational posters or film posters. We offer the most beautiful posters for every desired room in the house. For questions about one of our posters, you can always contact our customer service. Ask your questions by email or contact one of our employees by phone. Together we look for a tailor-made solution for the desired space.