Poster Hangers Black

Hang your posters tightly with black poster hangers

You have selected a beautiful poster and you already know exactly where you are going to hang it. The image fits perfectly with the interior and the wallpaper on the wall. But you don't want to damage that wallpaper with adhesive tape. And of course that also applies to the poster itself. That's why you use black poster hangers to hang the poster.

Hanged tight

With poster hangers you hang every poster neatly and tightly. You simply slide the strips along the top and bottom edge of the poster. Thanks to the hanging eye you can easily hang the poster. For example on a nail or a hook on the wall. This way you can easily hang the poster anywhere. The poster strips are finished in a matt black, so that they do not claim the attention of the poster. In addition, the strips keep the poster tidy. This way you can enjoy the poster even longer.

Black poster hangers in different sizes

There are many different types of posters. One is elongated and the other square. Due to the various sizes, hanging is sometimes a bit difficult. But not with these poster hangers in black. These are available in various formats. It is best if the strips are the same length as the poster. Firstly, because then the poster gets the best support from the comics and neatly. And secondly because it looks nicer when the poster fits perfectly in the comics. This way it looks like the poster is framed. To determine the correct length of the poster strips, measure the poster. Of course along the side on which you will apply the strips. This way you can be sure that you have the right strips for your favorite posters.