Photo Frames 40x70 cm

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More atmosphere in your interior with the photo frames 40x70cm

Today, photo frames are available in many sizes. The same goes for the 40x70cm photo frames from This size offers enough space for valuable documents, art and photos.

If you have space around the statue, a passe-partout from the collection can offer a great solution. After all, a standard photo has a size of 10 x 15 cm. In addition to the choice of various photo frames with a size of 70 x 40 cm, you have also come to the right place for various larger and smaller frames.

Hang a photo frame or put it on the windowsill or in a wall shelf

A photo frame from the collection comes with a glass plate and a handy hanging system. The frames are of course also suitable for on the windowsill or with several frames in a wall shelf. Due to the different types of profiles, you can also order a suitable 40x70 cm photo frame for your personal taste.

With a 40x70 cm photo frame you can go in all directions. Create a fun photo collection or frame a single photo, poster or piece of art. In all cases, you can be sure that the image you frame will have a special place in your home.