Wall Mural Komar Heritage

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With a wall mural Komar Heritage you bring history into your home

When you look at our collection of wall mural Komar Heritage, you will discover recognizable prints and organic patterns. The designers of this non-woven wallpaper are inspired by the period from the late 19th to early 20th century. The flowers and plants or the graceful female figures that you find on the photo wallpaper are based on Art Nouveau decorations.

It can safely be called a retro wallpaper with a modern twist. Mural Komar Heritage is therefore a very stylish way to give the room a special look.

Choose from various sizes and styles

With these wall murals from Komar Heritage you can choose from different sizes. For example, you can cover the entire wall of your bedroom with the non-woven wallpaper. Or you can, for example, opt for a smaller size as wallpaper for the nursery.

With the Komar Heritage collection, you choose the posters tailored to your home. Both plants and geometric shapes are typical of Art Nouveau, and you will find both in our range. You can also easily combine these wall murals with one or more from our wall mural art collection. Distribute them across your home and make a statement.

Buy wall murals online

You don't have to do much to get your beautiful wallpaper from Komar Heritage. You can easily make the perfect choice from our wide range from your home. Let your inspiration run free and choose the print that suits you best.

Choose the correct dimensions. Then you send your order online and soon you can enjoy your beautiful decoration!