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Choose a unique image on the wall with 3D wall murals

A nice wall mural on the wall immediately makes a bare room much more atmospheric. But do you choose a solid wallpaper color or something that looks much more exciting? A wallpaper with patterns and motifs is of course very suitable for any interior, perhaps flowers or a beautiful animal image.

But to make your space even more unique, opt for a three-dimensional photo wallpaper. With this photo wallpaper you choose a work of art on the wall. Every print delivered by Yourdecoration.com is razor-sharp and you also receive your order very quickly.

Wallpaper with three-dimensional shapes makes every wall an eye-catcher

You may like a playful pattern with lots of color. Excellent to combine with a light and sleek modern interior. By then returning certain accent colors, you round off the overall image perfectly. If you prefer a light wall and clean lines in the room, you should opt for a three-dimensional wallpaper with a futuristic effect. By playing with shapes, textures and perspectives, the space comes to life and gets an extra dimension.

Geometric elements can play a big part in generating these visual effects. This style is one of the most innovative and one of the newest living trends. It is becoming increasingly popular to bring spaces to life with three-dimensional wallpaper from Yourdecoration.com.

There are plenty of options for every interior and for every budget

Which room in the house would you like to provide with a 3D wall mural? Within our range there are different motifs for every room in your house. Is it a high or a low ceiling and is it the living room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway? Whatever your budget and whatever space it is, there are also plenty of options available for your interior and your wishes.

There is something for every taste, from colorful to solid black and white colors. Do you prefer large and calm 3D prints in a light color to create depth on the wall? Do you prefer a beautiful tile relief? Light wallpapers with a concrete look, for example, represent an industrial look & feel and are perfect (suitable) for applying this style in your room. Moreover, your interior comes to life with a three-dimensional wallpaper from Yourdecoration.com. Wallpaper motifs in 3D are modern and also radiate a lot of depth. By playing with shadows you create depth in the space, making the effect of this wallpaper really lifelike.

Our quality products

At Yourdecoration.com we print in one piece so that the patterns blend together perfectly. We have two types of wallpaper that you can choose from: non-woven wall murals and paper wall murals. The non-woven wallpaper we use is of very good quality. The wallpaper does not shrink and fits seamlessly on any desired wall. We use water-based ink for our razor-sharp print, which makes the wallpaper completely odorless. The 3D wallpaper from Yourdecoration.com is easy to apply and can even be moved when the glue is still wet.