Passe Partouts 40x45 cm

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Passe-Partouts 40x45cm: Because your photos are worth it

Your photo will have an intensive and attractive effect due to the colour, size and design of the passe-partout. The 40x45 cm passe-partouts serve to optically enlarge the image environment in the photo frame. At the same time, the thickness of the passe-partout ensures that the image is optically lower, creating a feeling of space. In addition, a passe-partout serves to create space between the glass and the photo. To keep your photos intact, it is not recommended to frame the photos directly on the glass. Finally, the passe-partout helps to adapt an image to an existing photo frame. Passe-partouts 40x45 cm usually have a border of three centimeters and are suitable for photos of approximately 30x40 cm.

Individuality with a passe-partout

With a passe-partout you have the opportunity to design your photo frame and your photo even more individually. Of course you can also play with different sizes and let your creativity run wild. There are no limits to your creativity. For example, you can use a smaller mat to highlight only part of the image without damaging the rest of the image. Or you can stylishly show off a small image by placing it in a larger frame with a matching passe-partout. A landscape passe-partout, inserted in a portrait frame, also has a certain charm. However, keep in mind that the frame should never dominate the image, but only support the effect.

Color game Passe-Partouts

You have countless options when choosing the color of the passe-partouts 40x45 cm. The decision ultimately also depends on personal taste. When choosing the color, you should ensure that the main colors of the photo are included in order to achieve a harmonious overall picture. If you frame black and white photos, you can opt for a light passe-partout to achieve a classic result, but framing with a black passe-partout also looks very stylish.