Poster Hangers 61 cm

Tired of your posters falling from the wall?

You probably recognize yourself in this situation, you have found a great poster in a nice shop and want to hang it proudly in your home. Fortunately, you are prepared for this situation and you still have a pack of stickers for posters somewhere and use them to hang your poster immediately. Unfortunately, the stickers are too old or the wall too rough to work properly and the poster falls off the wall before you turn around. You will find the solution for this at, poster hangers, special hangers for your posters. This ensures that your poster hangs nicely on the wall and stays there.

What are 61 cm poster hangers and are they useful to you?

As indicated, poster hangers are the solution to the above problem, instead of working with sticky products, which often leave unsightly marks on your poster, these are easy-to-install plastic hangers. The top strip contains a handy hole or eyelet to hang your poster neatly on the wall and the bottom strip contains enough weight to keep your poster neatly straight. The 61 cm poster hangers are perfectly sized for many game posters and movie posters, but are also a size used by many modern artists and interior designers. You can find these posters of this size everywhere, so whatever your taste in terms of posters, with these strips they will stick well and beautifully.