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The charms of Jugendstil art

Read here about Art Nouveau art and view the artworks at Jugendstil, or Art Nouveau, is an art form from about 1900, and will always hold its lovers. Art Nouveau is in the finesse, and maybe you still have a place in your home or business where that refined look will look great?

It's always possible in a stairwell

As always with paintings, where it hangs can make or break it. Art Nouveau is especially sensitive to that, hanging against the wrong color wall, and it is no longer beautiful. Now that's something you will realize soon enough, you receive the package and check the contents, it is as expected. You hang it in the wrong place and within 24 hours you realize that it doesn't belong there. You don't have to re-sauce or wallpaper an entire wall, it's just looking for a different place for the artwork.

The most difficult point in a home or business to decorate is the stairwell. There is a good chance that the work will hang there very nicely. Especially the long and narrow pieces of Art Nouveau art look particularly good in a stairwell. This concerns an art print of 20x50, or 25x58, or even 50x138 cm. If you are in doubt if you do have a suitable place for Jugendstil or Art Nouveau. Then remember that against a neutral light wall it is always possible. You are then guaranteed to have a work hanging on the wall that is becoming more and more fascinating to look at. That's the power of this art flow, it came up once, but it will never go away. View the art collection at and make your choice.