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Different poster hangers colors for every interior

A poster deserves a nice place in your home. You can also do this easily with a handy poster hanger. We have poster hangers in different colors. This way you can choose one that also fits in your interior. We have the poster hangers in three colors, namely black, white and transparent.

With a poster hanger you can certainly hang your poster in an easy way. Because you can choose from three colors, there is always one that suits you. Our poster hangers also come in different sizes. So if your poster is 50, 60 or 80 cm wide, you are always in the right place with a hanging system from

Hanging a poster is done in no time

Hanging a poster with a poster hanger is very easy. The suspension system consists of two strips. The top hanger is provided with a hanging eyelet. you can attach a thin string to this. This way you can easily hang the strip on a nail or hook. The bottom hanger provides the weight. This way you can be sure that your poster will hang neatly and tightly.

It is also possible to order a poster hanger with a hanging hole. No string needs to be attached to this, but you can hang it on a screw or nail. A poster hanger is actually the perfect way to give your poster a nice spot.

What is important to know how wide your poster is. As soon as you know the width, you can also order the right poster hanger. We have 11 different sizes. There is bound to be one that fits your poster. It is certain that you will find the right poster hanger with us!