Margaret Bourke-White Art Print

Margaret Bourke-White - impressive photojournalism

Art print of the work of photographer Margaret Bourke-White guarantees a stylish interior. She began her career in 1927 as an industrial and architectural photographer and quickly gained a reputation for originality. She became one of Life's first staff photographers when it appeared in 1936, and her photos of Fort Peck Dam in Montana featured on the cover of the first issue. Bourke-White's photographs can be found in the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Art in New York, among others. Reproductions can be admired all over the world. Art print with her photos can be ordered at

Photographer for the United States Armed Forces

Bourke-White was known for her extensive contributions to photojournalism. She is recognized as the first female documentary photographer to be officially licensed to shoot for the United States Armed Forces during World War II. While crossing the Atlantic to North Africa, her transport was torpedoed and sunk, but Bourke-White survived. Towards the end of the war, she crossed the Rhine into Germany with the troops of General George Patton. Her photos of concentration camps stunned the world.

After the war

After World War II, Bourke-White traveled to India to photograph Gandhi and document the mass migration caused by the partition of the Indian subcontinent. During the Korean War she worked as a war correspondent. When she was struck by Parkinson's disease in 1952, she continued to photograph and write. She retired from Life magazine in 1969. Are you impressed by Margaret Bourke-White's work? Art print with her work is easy to order at