Photo Frames 50x60 cm

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You give special memories extra attention in our 50x60 cm photo frames

You may not think much about it, but we take a lot of photos these days, both in everyday life and on vacation. A selfie with friends, a beautiful nature photo or a summer photo from a (distant) trip are all examples of special memories.

Time to give these memories and special place in your home. The photo frames 50x60cm from are perfect for this. Print your most beautiful memories at home or choose professional photo paper at a copy shop and frame them.

A wide range of photo frames 50x60 cm

When you think of a photo frame, you probably think of a classic variant of wood. However, the offer at is much broader today.

You can choose from wooden photo frames, plastic photo frames and aluminum photo frames. This, together with a wide range of profiles and colors, ensures that there are also plenty of options for your interior style. Most popular color for our photo frame with size 50x60cm is black.

View the entire collection of online

Are you convinced of the advantages that online collection has to offer you? In that case, view all photo frames with a size of 50x60 cm online and order your favorite design quickly and easily.

For an image with the right sizes, you can also immediately view the collection of posters. If you have a smaller photo or art reproduction, fill the space in the photo frame 50x60cm with a 50x60cm passe-partout.