Passe Partouts 40x55 cm

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The framed work gets full focus with 40x55cm passe-partouts from

Would you like the framed work to receive full focus? Then choose passe-partouts from the range of With a passe-partout you immediately ensure a calmer result and you can easily emphasize the framed artwork on the wall. A passe-partout also ensures that a diploma, a photo or a work of art can be protected faster and better in the photo frame. In addition to various passe-partouts 40x55 cm, you can also choose from dozens of other formats in different colors.

A better stabilization of the artwork by means of a passe-partout 40x55 cm

Did you know that a passe-partout also provides better stabilization of the artwork? This ensures that the artwork stays in the right place better and that you can align the artwork perfectly. If you don't have a matching photo frame yet, view our 40x55cm photo frame collection.

Quality as you are used to in a museum with passe-partouts from

The passe-partouts 40x55 cm from are mainly used for the presentation of works of art that are relatively fragile. Examples of these works of art are oil paintings, watercolors and charcoal drawings. Due to the thin paper that has been worked on, or the delicate material that has been used, you should take into account that there is sufficient space between the image and the glass of the photo frame. The room must also be dust-tight and moisture-resistant. Passe-partouts from are made of high-quality cardboard and guarantee the condition of the artwork.