Photo Frames 50x65 cm

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Photo frames 50x65cm

A picture frame is the crowning glory of any painting. If you want to hang a work of art or a beautiful photo on the wall, it must of course be framed with a suitable frame, so that it really is an asset to your space. A photo frame 50x65cm is a nice size that feels at home in every home, large or small, but how do you choose the right frame?

The right size photo frame

The photo and frame must be an appropriate size. For example, if you have a large dresser in the room and you hang a small photo above it, the entire impression of the photo will change.

To make an impression, a larger photo with a suitable frame is better. If the photo is a bit small, you can choose to use a passe-partout with, for example, one of the photo frames 50x65cm around it. We have different colors of passe-partouts 50x65 cm that fit exactly in a photo frame of 50x65 cm.

The right place for your photo frame 50x65 cm

Of course, the question of whether the format is appropriate can only be answered if you know where you are going to hang one of the filled photo frames 50x65cm. It can be the perfect size for over the fireplace or in the kitchen. However, if you have a large sofa and want to hang a picture above it, a frame of this size can be just too small to really make an impression. You might be better off getting a size bigger.

Of course you want your painting or photo to become part of your interior. To achieve this, it is important that the photo frame perfectly matches the style you use in the room. Do you have a lot of metal details? Perhaps an aluminum photo frame could be the suitable addition. But if you want a more warm look, we recommend a beautiful wooden picture frame or an MDF photo frame.