Wall Mural Sea

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Dream away with wall mural sea

Pearly white beaches, a sunset to watch for hours, swaying palm trees… For many, the sea is a magical, calming place that you can only experience on holiday. And for that you even have to fly for hours to enjoy such a view.

Unless of course if you add wall mural sea to your interior. Because with that you give yourself a beautiful view of the sea in the bedroom or living room. So it seems as if you are on a tropical island every day.

Do you prefer a different motif photo wallpaper in your room? View all types of wall murals from our range.

Enjoy sunny destinations

With the sea photo wallpaper you can enjoy various sunny, beach scenes. For example, you can transform the wall of your bedroom into a balcony with a view over the sea. Complete with billowing curtains.

You really only have to think about the summer breeze. Or go to sleep with a beautiful sunset. You can also brighten up the living room with this special wallpaper. If you don't want to wallpaper the entire wall with this photo wallpaper, choose a single strip with a sea view.

For example, you can give the dining area or that one dividing wall between the hall and kitchen a completely different accent. The photo wallpaper sea can be combined well with, for example, photo wallpaper nature, so you give every room a natural look.

Beach wall murals of different sizes

The beautiful beaches and sea scenes come in various formats. This is neatly indicated per wallpaper type. For the best result, measure the wall that you are going to decorate with the photo wallpaper.

This way you know for sure that the image you have chosen fits perfectly on the wall and you don't have to cut anything off on the sides, because that would be a shame. Large, wall-filling images are supplied in loose, seamlessly fitting strips. By carefully sticking them together, a beautiful scene is created that you can enjoy for a long time, both at home and at the office.