Wall Mural 300x280cm

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Wall mural 300x280cm: Find the right wall mural for every room

Wall mural 300x280cm can be used in every room of the house. Of course, high-quality photo wallpaper can also be used in the kitchen. Please note that the design is not too large so that it does not have to be cut out to match the fitted kitchen or other architectural conditions.

It can also be fun to choose the wallpaper or motif that has to do with eating and enjoying. This can also be a beautiful landscape, for example in the form of vineyards or fields.

Combine stony optical wallpaper with photo wallpaper

The combination with stone-look wallpaper usually goes perfectly, because it emphasizes the wall mural extra. Such a combination is practically possible for any room in which such a photo motif should set an accent.

The use in combination with stone wallpaper is therefore suitable for, for example, the dining room and the living room, but beautiful accents can also be created in the hallway, in the bedroom or in the office. In addition, it is also possible to combine different types of stone and/or to work with wallpaper in a concrete look.

However, this decision should always be based on the chosen style of furnishing. For example, the industrial style is very suitable for this.

Use photo wallpaper forest for rest areas in the house

One of the most beautiful motifs for lounges or reading corners is certainly the forest wall mural, there are several variants to choose from. View all types at Yourdecoration.com and make your personal choice.

Thus, the forest wall mural - like many other motifs - can be used in a natural way. It is suitable not only for retreat places, but also for the bedroom or for the guest room. In short, photo wallpaper forest is an excellent choice for more atmosphere and tranquility in your home.