Metal Photo Frames

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Stylish metal photo frames

This is how the metal photo frame presents itself: Timeless. Simple. Versatile in use. Whether it's a single photo or a series, a family portrait or a landscape photo, with this metallic photo frame each of your photos will look good and get all the attention they deserve thanks to the undifferentiated design in silver or black. In this list, your photos are the star!

In addition, the high-quality finish of the metal-colored frame guarantees that the photos will be protected for a lifetime. Metal photo frames are home to your memories, so it's important to keep them beautiful. In the living areas such as the kitchen, living room and dining room you can really let the photos shine.

The more colorful, the wilder, the more abstract, the better. View all the colors and shapes your photo collection has to offer. In a metal photo frame, these long-kept memories finally get the attention they deserve. Or would you rather choose a wooden photo frame?

Metal photo frames available in various sizes

Our vintage metal photo frames are made of high-quality MDF. You can get your metal photo frame in 55 standard sizes. Is your size not listed? No problem! We make custom photo frames in our own factory. Give us your own size and we will make it completely tailor-made for you.

All photo frames have a sturdy back and a clear glass plate to optimally protect your photos. Moreover, it is possible to place the photo frame portrait or landscape, so you can hang it in any desired way.

Our metal photo frames are not only suitable for framing photos, but also for other valuable memories, such as postcards, posters and works of art. This way you give your favorite items a nice place in your interior.

Do you want to make your photos or other items even more eye-catching? Then combine different sizes and colors of photo frames for a playful effect on your wall. This way you create a personal photo gallery that completely suits your style and taste.

In short, our vintage metal photo frames are the perfect choice for a stylish and timeless way to present your most beautiful memories.

A real eye-catcher; vintage metal photo frame

With your new photo frames you will definitely have unprecedented topics to discuss with your friends. Even the hallway can become a real Hall of Fame if you choose different sizes of metal photo frames.

However, in the office or in the bedroom, quiet photos in a metal photo frame, such as landscapes, are recommended. These will stimulate your creativity, but not create a storm of images in your head. Beaches under quietly swirling clouds give your thoughts free rein and help you relax better in the evening.

A series of portraits of your favorite actors in black and white or photos of people you consider role models will put you in the right mood at your workplace and help you focus on your tasks.