Passe Partouts 40x60 cm

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Sufficient padding between a artwork and the frame with a 40x60cm passe-partout

With many images that are framed you will see a passe-partout 40x60 cm. And that is of course not for nothing. This border, which is usually made of cardboard, ensures that there is sufficient padding between a photo or artwork and the frame. At you can choose from dozens of types of passe-partouts, including 40x60 cm passe-partouts. Each variant is made of cardboard and you can choose from a wide range of colors. What kind of color are you looking for?

What size passe-partout do I need?

Due to the wide range of dozens of sizes and colors, it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly which size you need. Passe-partouts 40x60 cm fit perfectly in 40x60 cm photo frames. It is always important to check the format of the list you wish to use.

Determine whether the image should stand out in the interior

Do you have the size of the photo frame in mind and do you know which size passe-partout you need? In that case it is important to determine which color you prefer. One likes to order the passe-partout in a neutral black or white colour, while the other prefers a passe-partout in a distinct colour. Therefore, view the entire passe-partouts collection online and discover the possibilities that are available