Passe Partouts 45x80 cm

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Looking for a passe-partout 45x80 cm for your photo frame?

Perhaps you have a nice photo or a poster at home, but you can't find the right frame for it. In that case, a passe-partout from can offer a great solution. This border, which is made of cardboard, can easily be placed in the photo frame. This allows you to quickly fill the space between your poster and the frame. The Passe-Partouts 45x80 cm are part of the medium-sized collection of passe-partouts.

45x80cm Passe-partouts: Choose from different colours

Whatever passe-partout with a size of 45x80 cm you are looking for, there is a good chance that you will succeed at You can choose from a wide range of colors. For example, choose a cardboard border in black, beige, white or yellow. This makes an accent color in a poster or detail stand out even better or you provide a luxurious look if you like to frame an atmospheric image.

View the collection of photo frames and posters from

Have you chosen one of the Passe-Partouts 45x80 cm? Then take a look at the collection of posters and photo frames. For example, opt for an eccentric image by having the passe-partout contrast with the color of the photo frame, or opt for a passe-partout and photo frame in the same color for a calm vibe. Create extra atmosphere in the interior and order your photo frame with passe-partout (and poster) via