Passe Partouts 21x29,7 cm A4

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What is an A4 21x29.7cm passe-partout?

Passe-partouts 21x29.7 cm A4 are cardboard frames that separate the photo, drawing or artwork from the photo frame and the glass. Their function is not only practical, but also aesthetically designed to make your photo or painting look bigger. They are characterized by their durability and high resistance to light.

A4 Passe-partouts of 21x29.7cm are very suitable for small watercolors, drawings or sketches, because they are often made on an A4 format. They can of course also be used to frame larger photos. The passe-partout A4 is generally not recommended for works painted in oils on canvas. It can only be used for reproductions on paper and not on canvas.

Ways to frame photos or artwork with a passe-partout

Sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impact. The best example of this in art and photography is the use of a passe-partout. This simple piece of cardboard between the picture and the frame has so many benefits and creative uses that it can literally transform a space. Although it has an obvious function of protecting the work, the contrasts in the width and the combination of the color with the frame and the work itself allow you to create contrasts, clair-obscur, focus and nuances of the photo that are a perfect fit in the room you hang it in. A thin picture frame allows for a simple, yet effective transition between the work and the color of the wall. The width of the passe-partout allows the work to breathe and enjoy complete autonomy compared to the colors of the environment.