Passe Partouts 70x70 cm

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You can order a good quality 70x70 cm passe-partout via

If you need a passe-partout, you naturally want to be able to rely on good quality. The models from the collection of are made of good quality cardboard, so that you immediately make every photo and every work of art just that little bit more beautiful. This border allows you to quickly and easily fill the space that is left between the photo frame and between the work. You simply place a passe-partout around or over the work to be framed, so that the image is optimal against possible damage. The passe-partouts 70x70 cm from the range are available in different colors and you immediately make the image that is framed look better and more beautiful in a frame.

You can shield part of a work of art or a photo by using a passe-partout

As you have read above, a passe-partout can fill the space between the image and the frame. However, a passe-partout can also serve as a shield for a photo or image. This way you can neatly eliminate a corner that is disturbing. Do you prefer to show a number of images in the same frame? In that case, a passe-partout 70x70cm also offers a good solution. Think of framing multiple watercolor works in the same frame, without the glass of the photo frame affecting the work.

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Are you convinced of the advantages that a passe-partout has to offer you? You can easily view the current collection online. Because of the wide range in different colors you can be sure that you can order a suitable color for your frame. Do you not yet own a photo frame or could the photo frames in your interior use an update? Then take a look at our collection of photo frames. The photo frames are also available in the same 70x70 cm format.