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The icon of the 50s; Marilyn Monroe

If we ask you whose skirt was the first to blow up over a subway vent, you're probably saying Marilyn Monroe. We then say: Stan Laurel. In the early 20th century, in a silent film, he wore a kilt that billowed above a subway grille. But that movie shot has never become as popular as the shot of Marilyn Monroe ostensibly fighting to keep her billowing dress down. A shot that, like the dress, caused a lot of dust. It was considered lewd, odious and scandalous in 1954. But secretly tens of thousands of male fans loved it.

Famous Marilyn Monroe posters

The movie shot became one of the most iconic moments in movie history. The film in which the shot is incorporated, “The seven year itch” became a big box office success and actress Marilyn Monroe became a sex symbol and the 1950s icon. The actress with her white hair and bright red lipstick has often modeled for works of art. Especially known are the pop art works of Andy Warhol who depicted Norma Jeane Mortenson, which is her real name, for example bright pink, bright blue or in negative. The fact that the film shot with the billowing skirt is famous is apparent from the many thousands of variations on the theme. also has beautiful Marilyn Monroe posters with the famous skirt.

Marilyn Monroe can still be found on the walls everywhere

In everyday life you can also often come across posters of the most famous fifties icon. Many cafes, bars and clubs decorate their walls with pop art or Monroe posters. A poster of her will do well on your wall too. The timeless art fits nicely into any interior. Marilyn Monroe's famous white dress was auctioned in 2011 for $5.6 million. Still nice if you have a Marilyn Monroe poster on the wall and you can tell that your poster was luckily a lot cheaper at