Poster Hangers 92 cm

Hang your poster with 92cm poster hangers

Hanging a poster has never been easier with the help of the 92cm poster hangers. With the help of the poster hangers, you can hang your posters in the bedroom and hang your favorite photos in the living room or above the toilet in no time. With many hanging systems you damage the posters, but thanks to these poster hangers the posters remain undamaged. Do you have posters in multiple sizes? The poster hangers are also available in, for example, 90cm and 100cm. Our range has a total of eleven different sizes.

92cm poster hangers in three colors

The poster hangers are available in three different colors. You can choose a black, white or transparent poster strip. If you want to hang a dark-colored poster, a black poster hanger may be the best option. The white poster hangers are perfect for hanging white or light colored posters. With the transparent poster strips you can hang any poster, no matter what color it has.

Choose from various suspension systems and formats

Depending on how you want to hang the poster hanger, you can choose from two different hanging systems. The first system is equipped with a suspension eye. The top strip has an eyelet at the top. Thanks to this eye you can hang the poster in no time. The other option is a poster strip with a hanging hole. This is not at the top, but at the back of the strip. Hang the strip using wire or string. Both suspension systems consist of two hangers, one for the top of the poster and the other for the bottom. You can easily slide the poster into the hangers. The bottom strip ensures that the poster hangs straight and in place.