Pablo Picasso Art Print

Pablo Picasso – Barcelona, Madrid, Paris

Picasso, born on October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Spain, turned out to be nothing less than a child prodigy from an early age and, as the son of an art teacher, was destined for a great career. As a thirteen-year-old, he was allowed to skip the first two years of the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona after he overwhelmed his future teachers: he was given a month to convince them with his admission work, he did it in one day. Gradually Picasso would become one of the pioneers of abstract art and his field of activity mainly covered the cities of Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Paris. If you buy an art print by Pablo Picasso at, you will admire the work of a Spanish master every day.

Picasso, a versatile artist

In addition to being a painter, Picasso was also a jewelry designer, ceramist, sculptor… Love and war run like a red thread through his work. With his painting Guernica, the artist condemns the German bombardment of the Spanish city of the same name in his own unique way. Black, white and gray areas and lines dominate and form the display. Cubism and expressionism intertwine. The women in Picasso's life and the way in which they influenced his emotional life are also an important theme.

Founder of Cubism

The geometric character of Cubism is situated in the world of Art Deco. Picasso reoriented painting in this new movement: simplification was central and different perspectives were incorporated in one and the same drawing. You can admire Picasso's works of art in Paris, New York and Madrid, but also in museums in the Netherlands. Are you interested in the work of Pablo Picasso? Order art print with his work at