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Our photo frame 30x30cm

You might say that a photo frame 30x30 cm is one of the most ideal photo frames you can imagine. The size of a 30x30 photo frame is exactly square and this gives peace of mind. You don't have to deal with long sides or short sides, so you have to look exactly for a matching poster or image. More and more people prefer to go for a frame where the sides are exactly the same length because this is the most ideal in size and shape. Do you opt for a sleek frame or do you prefer a deep photo frame? The 30x30cm photo frames are available in various styles. Combine the photo frame with nice accessories around it and your interior is complete!

A photo frame 30x30 in various colors

Our square 30x30 photo frames are available in different colors. The most popular colors for this list are black or white. With a black or white 30x30 photo frame you are always right in terms of color because it fits in almost any interior. In addition, the colors in a photo always fit well with this, but you can also play with this to bring out contrasts in a photo even better. The color of the frame certainly influences this. Do you want to turn your 30x30cm photo frame into an eye-catcher in your interior? Then choose a silver, gold or wooden photo frame. 30x30cm is an ideal size and in combination with the right color you create a beautiful atmosphere in your home.

Protect your photos with a passe-partout

By using a 30x30 passe-partout in your photo frame, you protect your photos. The passe-partout fills the space between the photo and the frame. Also ideal if your photo is just too small, but you still want to use this frame and photo together. Or when there's a corner or part of the photo you want to hide. Besides the fact that a passe-partout has a protective effect, it is also often chosen because it gives a very nice effect. Our passe-partouts are also available in various colors so that you can put together your ideal combination.

A photo collage at home

Do you have several photos that you want to highlight in your home? The 30x30cm photo frame is ideal to use for a photo collage due to its square shape. For example, if you choose to provide the frame with a dark background, it is ideal to then provide it with your own photos. Reminisce with the photos you've pasted in this beautiful, practical and modern square frame, but you can also create a photo collage in a different way, by using different photo frames! Then choose to combine the 30x30cm photo frames with other dimensions. This way you can mix a square photo frame with other shapes for an extra playful effect. You can also choose to use different colors of photo frames. Hang them on the wall or put them in a nice combination on a cupboard.

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