Passe Partouts 30x30 cm

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A 30x30cm passe-partout increases the value of your photo

The passe-partout is a typical element of a fine frame. In the past, the passe-partout was made of fabric, canvas or wood, but the goal was the same as it is today: trying to make the work stand out. Creating a border around a photo contributes to the optical enlargement of the photo's size and draws attention to the subject. Square passe-partouts 30x30 cm are suitable for framing photos as well as for small works of art.

Passe-partouts 30x30 cm protect your photo

The passe-partout is very important to protect the work. In fact, in addition to a decorative and aesthetic function, it has two more important roles: on the one hand, it forms a defense against attacks from dust, insects, light and moisture. On the other hand, it avoids direct contact of the photo with the glass. The photo could stick to the glass or plexiglass of the photo frame over time.

The passe-partout 30x30cm illuminates the subject and the photo frame

Some framed works "suffocate". The frame could cast an annoying shadow on the edges and hide or compress the photo. The use of a passe-partout makes it possible to create a visual detachment by bringing the image forward and emphasizing the particularity of the frame. This space that is created creates an attraction in which the viewer is carried away with his gaze for a long time, attracted by the photo or the work of art, in an almost magnetic way. Passe-partouts 30x30 cm are excellent for portrait photos. The passe-partout can radically change the perception of the framed work. The passe-partout is an added value for your photo frame, because it increases the elegance and specialness of the photo or work of art.