Photo Frames 30x45 cm

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Looking for a beautiful photo frame 30x45 cm?

Are you looking for a nice frame for a photo or poster of 30x45 cm? Then you've come to the right place at! By hanging the photo or poster in a 30x45 photo frame, it will stand out better.

A popular photo frame size is 30x45 cm. A photo of 30x45 cm is very common. Many posters or beautiful portraits are printed in this rectangular format to hang on the wall as an eye-catcher. That of course deserves a nice matching frame.

This size is also very suitable for framing smaller photos or posters in combination with a 30x45cm passepartout. So if you have a photo of 30x45 cm, you know where you can buy the right photo frame.

Your photo frame 30x45 in black

When choosing a photo frame 30x45 cm, it is important to determine which color photo frame 30x45 cm you want. In our webshop you will find all kinds of different colored photo frames 30x45. Yet black is one of the most popular colors of a photo frame 30x45 cm. You want to draw attention to the poster or photo in the frame and this is ideal with a neutral color such as black.

Moreover, a photo frame in a neutral color such as black can be used in different interiors. Take, for example, an industrial interior where the desire is often to use sleek shapes and dark colors.

In addition, the photo frame 30x45 can also be hung in a children's room, where various colors and beautiful figures are used extensively. The neutral color of the frame gives you complete freedom to play with colors in the accessories of the room or on the poster. Our photo frames 30x45 can be used both horizontally and vertically.

The 30x45 photo frames are available in different materials

In addition to the different colored photo frames 30x45 cm in the webshop, the photo frames 30x45 cm are also available in various materials. For a rural and classic style, you may choose a 30x45 photo frame with a wooden frame and for an industrial atmosphere a 30x45 aluminum photo frame.

We also offer plastic photo frames. There is a suitable photo frame of 30x45cm for every taste at All frames in our entire range are also equipped with acrylic glass, so that they can withstand a blow.

Combine photo frames 30x45 with other sizes and create a photo wall

With photo frames 30x45 cm you have countless options to give free rein to your creativity. This size offers enough space to present your favorite moments in a unique and striking way. Whether you want to display a series of holiday photos from exotic destinations, or share cherished memories of special occasions, this photo frame is the ideal choice.

The 30x45 cm photo frame is ideal for displaying large and detailed photos. The size ensures that every detail in the photo remains clearly visible, allowing you to enjoy the sharpness, colors and composition of your favorite images even more. Additionally, the space within the frame gives you the opportunity to be creative with framing your photos. You can choose to place multiple photos in one frame, creating a unique collage that brings together all your favorite moments.

In addition, this photo frame also offers the option to show your favorite snapshots. Whether you love capturing beautiful landscapes, cute animals or funny moments, with this photo frame you can present your favorite photos in a stylish way. The 30x45 cm format ensures that your photos stand out and attract the attention of everyone who sees them.

In short, with photo frames 30x45 cm you can give free rein to your creativity and showcase your favorite moments in a unique way. Whether you choose a collage of holiday photos or want to show off your favorite snapshots, this photo frame offers the perfect solution to cherish and share your memories. So what are you waiting for?