Photo Frames 40x80 cm

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The right photo frame 40x80 cm for your photos

Choosing a suitable photo frame is necessary to get the right effect of the photo. It is therefore worth not making any compromises when buying a frame for your photos.

The extensive range of photo frames at offers you different options and variations that you need to choose a frame that harmonises perfectly. Warm and cozy wooden photo frames, colorful plastic photo frames, discreetly simple aluminum photo frames or a very nice black photo frame.

Hundreds of photo frames give you complete flexibility in framing your photos. As an online store for photo frames, we are always looking for new options to meet your needs. Our range of wall muralsposter hangers and posters is also constantly being adapted to the latest trends and possibilities.

80x40 cm photo frames for office or living space

With 40x80 cm exchangeable frames you can protect your beautiful photos in the office or at home from outside influences and put them in the right perspective. The choice of material, colour, size and decoration of the 40x80cm photo frames offers you countless possibilities.

Modern photos can be a visual highlight in your living room or office. Fine-edged frames are ideal for your family photos, wedding photos or photos from your last vacation.

A professional look with a 40x80 cm photo frame

Let your imagination and creativity run wild when decorating your walls! Even a traditional photo frame offers countless possibilities. Thanks to a wide range of wall murals, you can combine your photos in 80x40cm photo frames to give your wall the allure of a professional exhibition.

Thanks to the offer at, there is no photo format that cannot be framed stylishly and safely.