Passe Partouts 60x60 cm

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Square passe-partouts 60x60 cm are based on the color of the frame

If you go for one of the passe-partouts from, then it is of course important that you match it with the work that is being framed, but did you know that the color of the photo frame must also be taken into account? A photo frame 60x60 cm in black or dark gray is best combined with a dark color passe-partout and if you have a photo frame in a light colour, a lighter color passe-partout works best.

With a 60x60cm passe-partout, the appearance of a work is significantly influenced can proudly call itself a specialist in the sale of passe-partouts. You can choose from many sizes, including passe-partouts 60x60 cm. Whichever format you go for, you can be sure that the look and feel of a work will be significantly affected. Think carefully in advance about what the purpose of a passe-partout should be. Do you want a certain detail from a work of art to be more visible or should a passe-partout provide a lot of peace?

Note whether the passe-partout colors are reflected in the artwork

Did you know that the colors used in the artwork are perceived through the brightness of the passe-partout? This makes it important to combine a work of art in cooler colors with a cooler color passe-partout and to combine a work of art in warmer colors with a warmer color passe-partout. The passe-partouts from are made of the best quality cardboard and can be perfectly combined with the collection of photo frames. Enhance the atmosphere in your interior and let a work of art come into its own.