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Order a photo frame 20x25 cm from us

Do you have any pictures you would like to hang on the wall? Or a bare wall that you want to brighten up with a few beautiful images? Photo frames 20 x 25 cm have the most common format. This format is just right for hanging most photos so you can now hang them all in your favorite place. Not too big, but certainly big enough so that your photos and posters are also visible from a distance.

The best thing about this format is that they are suitable for a collage of several small photos together. Moreover, a photo frame of 20x25cm does not immediately cover your entire wall, so it is a subtle addition to your wall. Due to the somewhat small, but practical size, photo frames of 20 x 25 cm are very suitable for hanging on different materials and it is often not necessary to hammer the frames firmly. Hanging frames 25x20 cm on the wall is also very simple, because almost all frames are equipped with their own hanging system hooks. All you have to do is drill a hole in the wall and screw in a plug with screw.

The photo frame in a neutral color

Are you looking for a photo frame with a neutral color? White photo frames are very popular to make the colors from your photo or poster stand out. Because this color is quite neutral, it can be combined well with many other colors. This is of course ideal if you are dealing with very colorful photos or graphics. These kinds of images deserve to show the colors that have been used. Moreover, a photo frame in a neutral color fits well in any interior, which is handy.

In addition to photo frames in neutral colors, you will of course also find photo frames in more pronounced colors and different materials in our webshop. For example, there is a suitable picture frame for every interior style, for example made of wood, aluminum or plastic. Here you also have a wide choice of different sizes.

Make photos stand out even better

If you use a different size image, but still want to use larger frames of, for example, 20 x 25 cm, that is certainly possible. In that case, use one of our beautiful passe-partouts of 20x25cm. This optically directs the focus to the framed object and the frames will look taut.

Just like our photo frames, we also have passe-partouts in different colors and sizes. This way we can match many tastes and interior styles. Combine classic black and white photos with bright colors or vice versa. It just depends on what you prefer.

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